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Top 8 Unicorn Gifts for Christmas

May 07, 2021 4 min read

Top 8 Unicorn Gifts for Christmas

You may be looking for a gift for someone you love. If you're here, that person is probably a fan of unicorns! Whether that person loves glitter, rainbows 🌈 or kawaii style, know that you're in the right place! In this article, we're going to bring you our Top 8 Unicorn Gifts. Obviously, these are just a few examples of what you could give: otherwise, the list would contain thousands of items! 😄

We hope that by browsing this Top, you will find exactly what you are looking for. If not, don't hesitate to check out our collections which contain over 1000 unicorn products, each one cuter than the next! There are bound to be some that will suit the tastes of the person you are planning to give this gift to.

8) Unicorn Pillow


To begin this selection of unicorn Christmas gifts, we propose a magnificent piece of home decoration! True lovers of fairy equines will literally be over the moon when you give them this unicorn pillow featuring a kawaii unicorn next to a sublime heart-shaped balloon! ❤

If this type of unicorn decoration fits well with the tastes of the person you want to give it to, it will match perfectly with a sofa while adding a touch of whimsy! You can be sure that the surprise will make an impact.

7) Unicorn Backpack



Do you think it's important to look both cute and stylish at school? You're absolutely right! So go for this beautiful schoolbag with a pink unicorn and little wings. The person you give it to will be noticed, and in a good way!

It is possible to combine this schoolbag with unicorn t-shirts for example: it will be even more effective. This type of accessory is for those who are not afraid of flashy pink colours and to stand out from the crowd!

6) Unicorn mug


What better way to start the day than with a beautiful round unicorn mug? If you want the person you're giving a unicorn themed gift to use it every day, this is probably one of the best choices. Because just about everyone drinks a cup of chocolate, milk or coffee in the morning, right?

Then consider this unicorn mug as a safe bet. With its round design, little cheeks, adorable look and golden horn, you can't go wrong with this useful and great unicorn gift idea for kids and adults alike!

5) Unicorn hat

Unicorn hat

Cold spells are quite long in our country, so it is always useful to have a hat to protect your head and ears. This unicorn gift for girls will delight all the little lovers of the legendary horse! With its white colour, its beautiful unicorn eyelashes and its multicoloured crest, this unicorn hat could become one of the key pieces for the person you are giving it to in winter!

If you like colours other than white, don't hesitate to explore our collection, which contains all the colours you'll need. One thing's for sure: the wearer of this hat will be at the height of cuteness! 😍

4) Unicorn Bedding


What a pleasure to sleep under a magical unicorn bedding set! If you're thinking of giving this original unicorn gift to your loved one, this is one of the best unicorn gifts you can give. Not only will it be the perfect decoration for their room, but it will allow them to cover themselves in magic and spend incredibly soft and comfortable nights!

You should know that this type of duvet cover is for one or two people, so you can give it to a couple. It's a wonderful idea to kill two birds with one stone 😉

3) Unicorn Ring


If you know someone who loves unicorn jewellery, then look no further and give them this silver unicorn ring. Both recognisable and discreet, this ring is the epitome of femininity itself. It stands out considerably from the norm and offers the most beautiful decoration for a girl's finger.

This ring is made of solid 925 silver which is a guarantee of purity and durability. Lightweight and adjustable, it will fit any hand. You can't help but delight the person you're giving it to! 😊

2) Unicorn Onesie


One of the most iconic unicorn items is of course the rainbow unicorn onesies. Thanks to its unrivalled softness and its recognisable unicorn shape, it is one of the favourite homewear items for children... and adults! It can be worn at home during the day but also for sleeping. Thanks to the warmth it provides and its cosy material, it has a relaxing effect that leads more easily to sleep.

This unicorn onesie is a must-have for those who love the magical horse. If the person you're thinking of doesn't have one, don't hesitate any longer and give them this rainbow unicorn onesie! Even if they already have one, they'll be happy to complete their collection.

1) Unicorn Plush 


As you might have guessed, we couldn't conclude this Top 10 without the unavoidable Giant unicorn plush! This model is one metre long, so it's not just about size. Both huge and beautiful, this big pink unicorn cuddly toy will be a fantastic playmate and a wonderful decoration for the bedroom.

Make your loved one happy by giving them the most popular unicorn toy for Christmas! With this special unicorn gift, it's impossible to be disappointed. It will stay with its new owner for many years to bring him joy and happiness every day!

This Top 8 Unicorn Gifts is now over, we hope it has given you lots of gift ideas for unicorn fans! Feel free to explore our shop to find other products that might suit you or your loved ones.

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