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Unicorn VS Dragon: A Fight of Legend!

May 10, 2021 5 min read

Unicorn VS Dragon: A Fight of Legend!

Unicorns and dragons are among the most popular legendary creatures. They are known especially for their appearance and their incredible abilities. Even though everything seems to oppose them, a great strength characterizes them and brings them together! πŸ’ͺ

Many lovers of mythology wonder which of them would come out on top in a fight. In this article, we're going to take you through a 5-round match to try and decide between them. Who will win: the unicorn, the legendary magical horse, or the dragon, the terrible creature of fire? Let the match begin! πŸ”₯

1) Unicorn VS Dragon: Speed and Endurance

A) The Dragon

Dragons have an impressive appearance and physique. They are about 24 metres high with a 70 metre wingspan and weigh about 25 tonnes, which makes them slow and not very agile on land. In contrast, they are as fast and agile in flight as a real fighter plane!


B) The Unicorn

As you know, the unicorn has a much more modest physique, as it looks a lot like a horse. On average, unicorns are 2.4 metres long and 1.8 metres high, and weigh about 500 kg. This much smaller size means that unicorns use less energy and are therefore more resilient on the ground. Unicorns crossed with Pegasus can fly, but classic unicorns cannot.

C) Verdict

Unicorns, even though they are known to run extremely fast, are much slower than dragons in flight, which are also more enduring since they can fly as much as they want. The dragon is therefore the winner on this field.

Unicorn: 0 - Dragon: 1

2) Unicorn VS Dragon: Magic Powers

A) The Dragon

The dragon has two magical powers. You probably know the first one: its ability to breathe fire. This power is very powerful but he cannot use it at will, because it generates embers that will interfere with his digestive system. It is considered that he can blow three large sprays of flame and then he must rest.

Unicorn vs Dragon

Its second ability is less well known to the general public. The dragon is able to sense the emotions fully around him, as if he had a kind of sixth sense. He then takes advantage of this on his opponents by acting according to his sensations!

B) The Unicorn

The unicorn draws all its magical abilities from its horn. This one is able to neutralize all the enemy powers that would come to threaten it, including the flames 😲 ! It also allows her to purify all impurities. In other words, if an evil dragon were to endanger her, the unicorn would have the ability to bring out the evil in him and make him an ally.

C) Verdict

The dragon's overpowering flames have no effect on the unicorn: the unicorn is able to neutralise the flames with its horn. The unicorn also has complete control over its emotions, which prevents the dragon from anticipating the unicorn's actions. The unicorn does not let anything show. The dragon cannot use any magical power against the unicorn, which would be able to purify the dragon and bring it back into line!

Unicorn: 1 - Dragon: 1

Unicorn and Dragon

3) Unicorn VS Dragon: Brute Strength and Resistance

A) The Dragon

The dragon's body is in itself a formidable weapon. It has gigantic claws that can rip through anything in one swipe. Its huge tail acts like a whip and is capable of destroying a building. Its powerful jaw allows it to crush anything, and its wings are so large that the earth shakes as it passes. To top it all off, the dragon has keratin scales as armour: its shell is almost impossible to penetrate! πŸ‘Š

B) The Unicorn

The unicorn has strength superior to a horse and a horn that allows it to pierce any creature that is not a dragon. It also has powerful legs that allow it to deliver violent kicks with its hooves. It is not particularly strong, however: its flesh is the same as that of other living creatures.

C) Verdict

Although the unicorn is powerful, it pales in comparison to the dragon. In a physical fight where it could not use its magical powers, it would be no match for it.

Unicorn: 1 - Dragon: 2

Unicorn vs Dragon Fight

4) Unicorn VS Dragon: Intelligence

Intelligence is crucial in a fight: it involves the strategy adopted and the tactical decisions made in the heat of the moment.

A) The Dragon

The dragon is an intelligent and perceptive animal, but it is also very confident, proud and self-assured. They are happy for everyone to fear and admire them. He likes to make friends with anyone who flatters him, even if they are hypocrites. If someone or something disturbs him, he immediately gets angry because of his impulsive temperament.

B) The Unicorn

The unicorn has a very high level of emotional intelligence. It also has the ability to understand the emotions of other creatures and to draw conclusions about the best actions to take, and all this faster than anyone else. Even better, she can transform the energy of her opponents to change their emotional state.

Legendary Fight

She is therefore able to turn someone who is extremely unhappy into someone who is extremely happy and vice versa. She is also able to analyse very finely the weak points of her opponents. The unicorn is capable of handling the art of domination through love! 😍

C) Verdict

The dragon is far from stupid, but the unicorn surpasses it intellectually in all areas. It would therefore be able to manipulate the dragon, which would not be able to use its abilities to the full.

Unicorn: 2 - Dragon: 2

5) Unicorn VS Dragon: Spirit and Determination

Tie for now: this is the decisive round! In a fight, mind and determination are often the determining factor, especially when the two opponents are equal in other qualities.

Dragon against Unicorn

A) The Dragon

The dragon is a creature that spends much of its time in its den, incubating its eggs. It would be seized with uncontrollable rage if someone were to threaten its family. Otherwise, and contrary to what one might think, it does not have a conquering spirit and does not necessarily seek to dominate other creatures. He is not motivated by victory per se.

B) The Unicorn

The unicorn is a creature of survival and love. Defending itself would not only mean protecting itself, but protecting its family and what it represents, i.e. a creature of hope and universal love. This is why she fights with all the determination she is capable of and is ready to make any sacrifice, including that of her own life.

Unicorn vs Dragon, Legendary Combat

C) Verdict

If the unicorn were to attack the dragon's family, it is obvious that it would not stand a chance. But the White Unicorn, as we know from the Unicorn History, is a benevolent being and would never do such a thing. In all other cases, the unicorn has a far superior mind and determination.

Unicorn: 3 - Dragon: 2

Unicorn VS Dragon: Victory for the Unicorn!

This match between the two legendary animals is now over! We hope you enjoyed watching it! Even though we all hold the unicorn in our hearts, we must remain open to the other fantastic creatures that feed our legends. Of course, no one has ever seen a dragon and this fight was purely theoretical!

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