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Giant Unicorn Plush

Discover our giant unicorn plush toys for children and babies. These large cotton plush toys are perfect to collect for the child's room. Beautiful fantastic creatures to cuddle to feel tenderness and to fill little girls with wonder. Plush companions to discover without delay!

A vast collection of giant unicorn plush toys. XL, XXL, huge, fat, oversized, whatever you call them, they are kawaii!

Take the opportunity to explore this wonderful collection of Giant Unicorn Plushies! This is the largest collection of giant unicorn plushies on the web. With unicorns ranging from 50cm, to 80cm, to over 1m! You will find multicoloured unicorns, others pink or blue, for children, women, little girls or babies. They will be perfect as decoration in a bedroom or living room at home, or as a pillow or cushion on a bed or sofa. What do they have in common? They are cheap to buy and kawaii! They can be given as gifts at Christmas, for a birthday, or simply to please your loved ones.

And if you want to complete your collection of plush toys, don't hesitate to check out our interactive unicorns, which will be just perfect for a child, baby or simply unicorn lover! =)

Which giant unicorn plush should I choose?

It all depends on you! You can choose it according to the size (40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 1m1, 1m3...), the look of the unicorn (sleeping unicorn, kawaii unicorn...), the patterns (heart, rainbow...) or according to your budget Most of the unicorn plushies in this collection are cheap and affordable. So it's up to you to make your choice! Explore our collection of squishy unicorn toys, real little plushies on legs!

The unicorn, the most mythical animal in history

The unicorn is without doubt the most famous fantasy animal in the world. From ancient legends to its presence in 21st century literature and film, it is a world-beater and is generally associated with purity, wisdom and, according to some beliefs, its luminous horn is said to possess powerful healing powers... A legend so present in our popular references that it is good to remember that it is a fictional creature, until proven otherwise, represented in the features of a horse (at least a horse) with horns...

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