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Interactive Unicorn

Discover fabulous Interactive Unicorns for kids. Little unicorn robots with a super kawaii plush appearance! Made of polyester cotton, little girls will be able to enjoy their interactive unicorn and see it make sounds, move and even talk. An original and cheap toy to offer as a birthday gift!

A unique selection of interactive unicorns featuring kawaii. Kawaii unicorns that play music for children, little girls and babies.

Explore our collection of cheap and durable interactive unicorns. You'll find all types of unicorns - electric, musical, walking, and playing music. You will also find a wide choice of models (small and large) and colours, from pink, blue, green, multicoloured, red, purple. Give your children the most fun and adorable kawaii unicorn toys in the rainbow universe.

Interactive Unicorn

Which interactive unicorn to choose?

To find the right smart interactive unicorn for you, explore our collection to see the designs. Some are made of plastic, others are furry and therefore look like unicorn cuddly toys. Then find out if the unicorn has an interactive function, if it plays music or phrases, if it walks or moves. Your little girl or child will be able to help you choose if you can't decide!
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