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Unicorn Backpacks

Discover our selection of unicorn backpacks and bags for kids. Ideal for going to school, sports or on holiday, unicorn bags are very popular with little girls. The unicorn patterns, the unicorn-shaped bags, their practical compartments and their unwavering comfort never fail to surprise!

Discover our collection of unicorn backpacks and satchels for kids and adults.

Equip yourself with Kawaii with or without wheels for school or primary school. Find a selection of the best unicorn backpack and satchels for school, primary school, college or your favourite activities!

The bags are big enough to hold school supplies. But they can also be used as sports bags, bags for going to the beach or for shopping. You can put all the things you need for class, the pencil case, pens and so on inside.
When starting school in kindergarten or elementary school, it is essential for a boy or girl to have their school bag ready. For the start of the new school year, pupils opt for school bags with wheels or shoulder straps, depending on their personal taste. The most important thing is that all school materials fit into the main compartment and the rest into the small bag. The large compartment can hold books, folders and pens, among other things. Our backpacks are equipped with sturdy, ergonomic zips for your child. The adjustable, padded shoulder straps are as durable as they are comfortable.

Unicorn Backpack

Which unicorn backpack or briefcase should it be?

You are spoilt for choice. In this selection of unicorn backpacks and satchels you will find all kinds of styles (emoji, sequins etc...) and colours. Fine fur bags, backpacks for college, school bags for storing notebooks and school supplies, with or without wheels. If you're a fan of cult sayings like "I can't, I have a unicorn", you're in for a treat!

In terms of colour, the rainbow unicorn respected palette lets you see it all! Pink, blue, yellow, green, blue, multi-coloured. And all for very little money. Whether you are an adult, a child or a teenager, you are sure to find the bag that suits you. These bags and pouches are equally suitable for teenagers or adults who want to use them as a travel bag to store a laptop and wallet in the front pocket. Arrangements vary depending on the bags with one or more pockets, so choose well! Whether it's a school bag, travel bag or leisure bag, there's something for everyone!

And little tip from the unicorn, to complete the kawaii unicorn style, check out the unicorn handbag collection for your little trips outside.

For the best way to store your unicorn mug, this backpack is just what you need! And will keep your crazy unicorn passion alive! =)

You love unicorns?