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Unicorn Bracelets

Discover our Unicorn Bracelets for Girls, Teens and Women. A great selection of adjustable bracelets in Leather, Silver or Stainless Steel. An original and whimsical gift idea to put on the wrist for little girls who love jewellery and fantastic creatures ! The best unicorn jewellery for cheap !

Convertible bracelets, silver or gold in one piece

A beautiful piece of jewellery for a princess' wrist. In stainless steel, leather or silver, unicorn bracelets have a small, quality chain and a sturdy clasp. Silver plated, most are adjustable and trendy. An ideal and original gift for the jewellery box of a little girl who loves unicorns. Beautiful fashion accessories full of fantasy. The variety of unicorn bracelets is large enough to allow you to find the one that suits you! Some are coloured in gold or silver, others are made of leather and can be transformed. Some have a lucky pearl. What they all have in common is their fantasy, which makes them irresistible. For girls, teenagers and women.

The colours vary from pink to yellow, blue, silver or gold. For the wrists of princesses. To be worn with a ring, necklace or earrings. The most extensive collection of costume bracelets on the web, a real jewellery store! Original jewels, the essentials of jewellery in this selection to wear for all occasions.
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Symbolize your love for these beautiful unicorns by wearing this elegant, chic and unicorn jewel ... ! With its colourful mane and silver look, it's impossible not to fall in love.

A unicorn bracelet in leather or silver for little girls!

Indeed, it is the little accessories like the Cuff Bracelet that make all the difference. With the silver unicorn charm bracelet, add that little detail and revolutionize your style to become the most beautiful unicorn bracelet!
Enjoy your new adventures with your new companion (Silver Bracelets).
Take your unicorn everywhere with you and live wonderful moments with our silver unicorn bracelet!

If you want to expand your collection of bracelets, it's obvious that you should take a look at our unicorn watches! They will rekindle your passion for unicorns, not to mention the fact that you will have the time at your fingertips at all times! =)

You love unicorns?