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Unicorn Mugs

Discover our range of ceramic unicorn mugs and cups. Some mugs change colour, others are magical for drinking tea or coffee.

Unicorn cups and mugs that are as practical as they are magical. In ceramic or plastic, they bring colour and kawaii to your living room, office or kitchen. Some unicorn mugs change colour depending on the temperature and are therefore thermo-active or heat-sensitive. Other mugs are unicorn-shaped, to the delight of children, little girls and adults!

In porcelain, it's the gift idea of the hour. Ceramic espresso cups and mugs for Mother's Day to offer. For hot drinks, some mugs are isothermal for coffee or tea. There is even a cute and magical mug that changes colour for breakfast or lunch. Coffee cups in honour of the art of the table for all occasions. It's a great way to start the day!

Unicorn Mugs

Drink your tea or coffee in a beautiful pink, multi-coloured or white unicorn mug. A selection of unicorn mugs that change colour, they are as magical as they are adorable! An original gift for hot and cold drinks for Father's Day. The design mug for Valentine's Day unusual and fun to brighten up your morning.

Take this opportunity to also explore our collection of unicorn piggy banks for a little girl's bedroom or office.

Sit back in your unicorn bean bag and enjoy your best coffee!

You love unicorns?