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Unicorn Dresses

Discover our Unicorn Dresses for Girls. A magical selection of dresses to dress up like a Princess and be the Kawaii Unicorn at a birthday party, a fancy dress party, a carnival or a ball... Find the perfect unicorn tutu dress for your little girl from our 2021 collection of unicorn dresses!

Browse through our many unicorn dresses for girls! You will find in our collection more than 50 references of dresses to dress up or dress down in kawaii unicorn fashion! Find the perfect unicorn dress for your child, whether it's for a special event (such as a birthday party or fancy dress party) or simply to wear during the warmer seasons.

If you want to perfect your princess outfit, we highly recommend you to go for a beautiful unicorn backpack, which will perfectly accompany your daily life as a lucky princess! =)

Which unicorn princess dress should I choose?

The choice of children's dresses is wide and very diverse. To help you, here are the different models we propose at Unicorn Kawaii:

  • Unicorn dresses for disguise: These types of dresses are ideal to dress up for a festive event, such as a birthday party, a carnival or a fancy dress party. They are usually very colourful dresses, most of them multicoloured, and come with a headband to complete the outfit. These are great costumes for kids to wear for an even more fun party!
  • Unicorn dresses with tutu: These dresses have a unicorn top and a tutu bottom. They are usually suitable for mild or warm seasons such as spring and summer. The tutu allows little girls to keep a very good freedom of movement to play and enjoy the beautiful days.
  • Long one-piece unicorn dresses: These unicorn dresses have been made in one piece to offer an original and flexible outfit. It is the kawaii and light garment to wear at home or for outings outside.

Unicorn Dress Princess

Discover short or long unicorn birthday or summer dresses for little girls

If you're looking for a birthday unicorn dress, then the length of the dress is not crucial. Instead, choose a design that suits your daughter in terms of colour, pattern, accessories, fit and so on. If you are looking for a summer unicorn dress, to enjoy the warm weather, then choose a short-sleeved unicorn dress, such as a skirt (or a long but light dress). Tutu dresses are also a good compromise! If you want to dress up like a Cinderella princess, a unicorn dress will do justice to the kingdom of the legendary creature. A soft and elegant garment for festive occasions such as birthdays, carnivals or fancy dress parties!
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