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Unicorn Dressing Gown

Discover our unicorn bathrobes for children and adults. Ideal for getting out of the bath or shower, they keep you dry in an absorbent and silky cotton poncho! An excellent dressing gown. Associated with slippers, unicorn bathrobes provide warmth and comfort! For girls, women and men.

The largest collection of kawaii and cute unicorn bathrobes.

Choose the perfect unicorn bathrobes to stay warm after your bath or shower. Made of high quality cotton, absorbent and comfortable, you can count on these cute kawaii bathrobes.
Soft and absorbent like a sponge, these unicorn bathrobes are perfect when you get out of the bath. They will undoubtedly replace the classic towel that has no sleeves and a style like kawaii. Bathrobes allow you to combine the useful with the pleasant. Whether for a woman or for bathing a baby or a child, getting out of the water will no longer be a pain!

Which unicorn bathrobe should it be?

It depends on your personal taste, on your favourite colour and also on which unicorn pattern you like best. Choose well your bath cape, or your bath poncho! The material of these bathrobes is as absorbent as a sponge. These unicorn bathrobes made of cotton-polyester make bathers happy. Ideal for cocooning at home to ensure a smooth transition between bath and TV.
A lovely gift for a unicorn lover. So every princess has her own cosy outfit of choice.

For girls and babies, these bathrobes are comfortable and quick drying.

These unicorn bathrobes robes are super absorbent! They allow you to stay warm and dry when you get out of the shower or bath. That's what matters in a bathrobe: to dry quickly while feeling comfortable and silky.

All bathrobes in this collection have a careful manufacturing process in common. Made from organic cotton, these models offer the best quality of workmanship on the market. Better than bath ponchos, they fit your wet body perfectly after a shower.

You love unicorns?