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Unicorn Bum Bag

The most complete range of bananas and unicorn bags in the rainbow universe. Small or large kawaii bananas, for kids, teens or adults.

Discover our collection of affordable and practical kawaii unicorn belly bags. To carry everything that's important, choose a unicorn bum bag with a unicorn, emoji or rainbow pattern. Our collection of small shoulder bags is ideal for little girls at school or college to keep all their things in one place.

With one or more zipped compartments, you can store what's important to you in the unicorn bags. The unicorn bag is not only a tote bag, but also a ladies handbag of the kawaii kind. Spacious, always at hand, it is a fashionable accessory that is appreciated by children and teenagers. Some models have a flap, others a zip, still others are made of plush. You will fall in love with these little shoulder bags.

Unicorn Bum Bag

Which school bag or banana should it be?

It depends on your taste and the storage space you need. The styles of banana and unicorn bags are quite different, as are their colours (purple, pink, blue, multi-coloured). So the kawaii unicorn bum bags remains to explore the collection to see which one suits you. There's a great selection to browse through.

These little unicorn bags are perfect for shopping or taking a big travel bag on holiday. Unicorn mini bags are an adornment for leather goods. You can store your make-up kit, keys and wallet in them.

If you want to go beyond the simple unicorn enthusiast we recommend you to take an interest in the collection of beautiful unicorn handbags, which will be perfect for you! =)

You love unicorns?