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Unicorn Inflatable Costume

Discover our Inflatable Unicorn Costumes for Children and Adults. Beautiful, original and super fun unicorn costumes! The party is even crazier when you put on an inflatable costume to look like a magical unicorn! Ideal for fancy dress parties, carnivals and birthday parties!

Explore our collection of unicorn inflatable costumes to amaze your friends! A must-have costume for your birthday parties, carnivals and parties.

Surprise your friends with an original and fun costume, an inflatable unicorn costume!
You won't go unnoticed with such a cosplay costume. For women, adults, and children, you will find your happiness to dress up in this collection.
For a party, for Halloween or a fancy dress party, you will not fail to surprise your friends! These cosplay outfits for adults and children are perfect for a costume party or a bachelorette or bachelor party. Available in adult and child sizes, this wide range of inflatable costumes is ideal for all festive occasions. The whole family can get involved and have fun together. You're bound to find some great costume ideas for a themed party.

The kawaii unicorn inflatable costume for children and adults

The unicorn costume inflates once the batteries are inserted into the pack, powering the fan inside and expanding the costume. Your legs serve as the unicorn's two front legs, while the back half of the unicorn retains its shape through airflow. The short sleeves make it easy to reach the body, and the head hole provides good visibility while trotting majestically.

Here's a pro unicorn tip from yours truly: appear more like a legitimate unicorn by sprinkling a trail of glitter everywhere you go.

Don't hesitate to improve your collection of costumes by making one of these sublime unicorn onesie! =)

Inflatable fairy unicorn costumes for dressing up at a birthday party or carnival

As mentioned earlier, the inflatable unicorn suit is a great entertainment tool for people of all ages. You can use it for a variety of purposes, such as costume parties, Halloween parties or just birthday parties.

You love unicorns?