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Unicorn Lamps

Discover a wonderful collection of unicorn lamps for the children's room. Varied in style and size, unicorn bedside lamps will bring magic to the heart of a little girl's or baby's bedroom decor. To be placed on a bedside table to allow children to fall asleep easily in the rainbow kingdom of the unicorn!

A fantastic selection of unicorn nightlights for children and babies. Rechargeable, battery operated or USB, small, big, mini, you will find the one of your dreams

A superb collection of unicorn nightlights for children, teenagers, little girls and babies. The models are as varied as they are whimsical. With their warm lights, they all help the youngest to fall asleep. Some unicorn nightlights can project lights and emojis on the ceiling. Others have an unusual kawaii design. You'll find a choice of colours (pink, blue, multicoloured) and looks. A nice gift to give to a child to decorate his room.

A baby night light on the bedside table allows to emit a soft light in a child's room to help him/her fall asleep. The LED nightlight also has a long battery life. It is a wonderful birth gift to create a magical and soothing night-time atmosphere in a bedroom. Decorative and lullaby-like, this type of light is a must-have at night.

Unicorn Lamp

Which unicorn light to choose for a little girl's bedroom?

You will find a large choice of unicorn nightlights for your child or baby. For example, do you prefer a rechargeable nightlight with a USB connection or a battery-operated nightlight? Some of them have an autonomy of up to 50,000 hours! You can also differentiate them by their size, large, mini, small... Or by their price, which is generally not expensive compared to the prices charged in shops.

These unicorn lava lamps can also be left on for hours and do not heat up. Some unicorn nightlights are wireless, battery operated or USB connected and change colour. A good way to stop your child being afraid of the dark. A small lamp that gives off a white light as pure as a starry sky.
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