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Unicorn Plush

Discover our collection of Unicorn Plush for adults, children and babies. Beautiful legendary creatures in Polyester Cotton for the pleasure of the little ones. Soft and silky unicorns ready to be cuddled. Kawaii and stuffed in Cotton, they are about to become your little girl's new companion!

A collection of kawaii and cheap unicorn plush toys. Bright, pink, cute, multicoloured plush toys for women and little girls.

A wonderful collection of kawaii unicorn plush toys. In various colours (blue, pink, purple, green, yellow, red, multicoloured) and sizes (mini, small, large, giant, xl, xxl)!

For women, children, teenagers, babies and little girls who are looking for a soft and silky unicorn plush for their room. Ideal for use as a pillow or cushion on a bed, or simply for decoration. You'll find unicorn plush and soft toys with hearts, rainbows etc... A great birthday or Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Because a child always sleeps better with a teddy. For a baby, a teddy bear is often indispensable for cuddling. Most of our unicorn cuddly toys are washable in cotton polyester for maximum softness. Their fur is as soft as velvet. Plush animals to die for! A great gift idea!

Which kawaii unicorn plush should I choose?

It depends on your taste or your children's taste. The choice is wide. There are several parameters to take into account such as the size, the colour, the patterns, the material or the use you will have of it, simply decorative or as a comfortable cushion. So will you choose a huge plush, a terrifying plush for Halloween, a unicorn plush with big eyes, a scary one or a multicoloured unicorn plush? The choice is yours!
Great unicorn plush for baby to cuddle. A soft plush animal is surely the perfect gift for a child. Machine washable and kawaii, it's a must-have on your child's unicorn gift list.

A plush unicorn, the perfect toy for a child

The plush toy is without a doubt one of the most popular toys for children. From 06 months onwards, your little one would love to have his own plush toy to keep him company. Although he is ready to accept any soft toy at this age, it is best to give him a soft, cute, fairy-like and safe toy: the Unicorn plush animal.

You may have guessed it! Only the plush toys of the legendary horse meet all these criteria. Yes, the unicorn plush is loved by all little ones. It is pure, transmits happiness, protects in everyday life, and never lets down those who love it. According to many people, its magical charm alone is enough to wonderfully transform your little one's day.

Unicorn Connection advises you to complete your plush collection with one of these giant unicorn plushies. It will be, without any doubt, the perfect companion for your nights of sleep, the best and the worst! =)

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