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Giant Unicorn Bean Bag

This Giant Unicorn Pouf is one of the most prestigious unicorn items in our shop! Made from cotton and brushed plush, this large pouffe is perfect for baby's naps, and to provide them with a fairytale room decoration!

Made from a silky and delicate brushed cotton fabric, this white giant unicorn bean bag with its magical horn offers babies and newborns a unique place to rest. Fanciful, cosy and enchanting, this gorgeous pouf adorns the nursery. More than just a simple seat, this Giant Unicorn Pouf allows toddlers to travel to the realm of the unicorn and develop their imagination!

  • Premium Unicorn Armchair
  • Material : Brushed cotton polyester
  • Size : 40*55*65cm
  • Comfortable toddler seat
  • Delivery is offered!

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