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Unicorn Watches

A fantastic collection of Unicorn Watches for kids. Our unicorn watches are all made of high quality materials with a Quartz dial. Ideal for learning the time while wearing a kawaii and comfortable jewel on your wrist! A great gift for little girls who love the magical world of unicorns!

A fantastic selection of unicorn watches. For girls, teenagers, these watches will make you travel. Educational and digital unicorn watches.

Choose a magnificent unicorn watch for women, children, teenagers and little girls!
With their girly look, these watches are as varied as they are fantastic. Some are educational to help your child learn to tell the time, others are simply digital. There is something for everyone.
To learn to tell the time, a cute unicorn watch for boys or girls is ideal. Our collection of watches is diverse, some are silicone with a quartz dial, others are analogue. All watches are trendy and made for girls and boys to learn the time. With leather or plastic straps, you can find the right rainbow watch for you! A great birthday gift for girls and boys.

Complete your jewellery collection with a beautiful unicorn necklace! It will also allow you to perfect your outfit as a lover of the legendary animal: the alicorn. For sure, one of these necklaces around your neck will be the perfect jewel for someone as passionate as you are ! =)

Which unicorn watch to choose for your child?

Unicorn Connection can try to guide you! The choice of a unicorn watch depends on several elements. First of all, the age of the person concerned. The collection includes educational watches for little girls. Digital unicorn watches are also part of the collection for young children and teenagers. Some models are also suitable for women. Then there are a variety of styles, with some watches featuring unicorn emojis, others with rainbows etc.

The digital watch has become the essential fashion accessory in the playground. A unicorn wristwatch is sure to amaze young and old alike. A nice first adjustable watch to learn the time.

You love unicorns?