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Unicorn Bedding Fairy


Are you looking for the perfect gift to help your children sleep well? This unicorn bedding set is the right choice.

Surprise your children by giving them this fairy and unicorn bedding set. The unicorn pattern of this bedding set will make pudding dreams come true. Thanks to this soft and comfortable bedding, offer them fairytale sleep. It would also make a great sleep accessory for adults.

Improve your sleep and the sleep of your children with the beautiful fairy colours of this bedding set.

Discover the magical world of unicorns while you sleep with this Paradise Unicorn Bedding Set. It is available in different sizes: 200 x 200cm, 210 x 210cm, 200 x 230cm and 230 x 260cm.

  • Material : Cotton Polyester
  • Comfort and softness guaranteed
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic material
  • Size : Bed 1 person or 2 persons
  • HD digital print
  • Premium finish

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