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Galaxy Ladies Unicorn Legging Pants


Unicorn trousers for sports. A great lightweight unicorn leggings cheap, soft and elastic for women and teenagers. Ideal for sports.

The unicorn legging pants for sporty women!

Leggings have quickly become the ideal clothing for sports. It has gradually replaced jogging, mainly thanks to its technical advantages (lightness, elasticity, comfort) and aesthetics (more customisable, patterns, colours).

These unicorn leggings are a concrete example of this. With its unicorn patterns of all kinds, emoji unicorn, rainbow, donut, ice cream, stars, galaxy. These galaxy unicorn pants are original and wonderfully represent the universe of the magical unicorn. For adult and teenage women.


  • Material: cotton, polyester, elastic spandex
  • Anti-perspiration: Eliminates perspiration on the surface of the skin.
  • Anti-odour: Limits the spread of unpleasant odours.
  • 3D digital print
  • Colour: Pink, white, purple, blue, pink, red, green, black, multicoloured
  • Free delivery

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