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Unicorn Keyring Sparkly


Need a beautiful decorative keychain? Discover our beautiful sparkly unicorn keyring! Adorned with this multicolored pendant, your keyring will certainly become cuter.

The glitter unicorn keyring is designed entirely in kawaii style and will remind you of the magical and amazing world of your childhood. That's why the unicorn, a magical and graceful animal, is currently present on various objects of daily life.

Colorful sequins recall the dazzling colors of a rainbow in which unicorns love to play and run!

Protect your keys with this trendy and very aesthetic accessory. This gem will shine in a thousand colors on your luxury bags or purse. The perfect gift to amaze your child. Give him the gift of the glittering unicorn keychain.

  • Material: silver alloy
  • Design: unicorn kawaii
  • Premium design
  • Delivery offered
  • Shipping in 24-48h

      You love unicorns?