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Unicorn Keyring Metal

Are you looking for a simple and elegant keychain? Then buy the metal unicorn keyring! Made with finesse, it will confirm your good taste and heart.

The unicorn is considered a legendary, peaceful and graceful animal. Moreover, origami is a symbol of peace in traditional Japanese art. This origami metal unicorn keychain will invite you not only to love, but also to forgive.

This decorative keychain will spread benevolent feelings in your home.

A large endless ring allows you to store several dozen keys at once. Ideal for hanging your keys or decorating your handbag, school bag, purse or wallet. Give it as a gift for Valentine's Day or to your unicorn-loving child. Order your origami unicorn keyring.

  • Material: Silver alloy
  • Premium finish
  • Delivery offered
  • Shipping in 24-48h

      You love unicorns?