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Pink Unicorn Plush Chair

This pink unicorn chair will delight babies and newborns who have been enthralled by the rainbow unicorn from an early age! Made of cotton and plush, this gorgeous unicorn chair is soft and comfortable for galloping in the unicorn's kingdom!

With its silky material and soft cotton upholstery, this pink unicorn plush chair is ideal for sitting and playing in your room! Great room decoration, babies will love this pink unicorn plush chair with its fairytale look. Pink, with a magical horn and a colourful mane and tail, it's the ideal pouffe for a baby's room! A gift full of fantasy!

  • Unicorn baby armchair
  • Material : Plush and cotton
  • Size : 60*40*60cm
  • Delivery offered
  • Shipping in 24-48h

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