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Unicorn Keyring Rainbow


Need a versatile accessory? We present the rainbow unicorn keychain! Make friends with unicorns and they will carry you to the firmament.

This rainbow unicorn keyring features a proud unicorn standing on its hind legs, which kids love. This elegant unicorn horse in rainbow colours is delicately painted on the hooves, mane and tail.

Studded with hundreds of small shiny stones, it is a model of luxury and sophistication!

Excellent fashion jewellery for children. This complete keychain has a carabiner to hang his badge, or smartphone. A large broken ring allows you to keep a bunch of keys in one place. Don't miss an opportunity to make him happy! Give him the Unicorn Rainbow Keychain as a gift!

  • Material: Silver alloy
  • Premium finish
  • Delivery offered
  • Shipping in 24-48h

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