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Unicorn Bedding Love U & Me


A unicorn love bedding set is the ideal blanket to brighten up your relaxation room. Because habit makes the monk here, and these two unicorns will bring you the energy you need to start the day well, just by admiring their cute little baubles.

If you are looking for a beautiful gift for the lady in your thoughts. Or you may want to impress your companion with a brand new bedding set. The unicorn love bedding set is the perfect gift for your nights ahead.

A unicorn love bedding set full of tenderness and velvety softness!

This unicorn love bedding set is not only undeniably beautiful, but also carefully crafted. You will feel safe under its benevolence and you will cherish the hours of relaxation under your duvet. The fabric does not retain dust and is resistant to pillow fights in war. So fill your nights with sweet memories by choosing this beautiful unicorn love bedding set.

  • Material: Microfibre
  • Comfort and softness guaranteed
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic material
  • Size : Bed 1 person or 2 persons
  • HD digital print
  • Premium finish

      You love unicorns?