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Unicorn Bedding Music


Do you want to match the colours of the children's room? Install this Music Unicorn Bed Set! The decor will be sublimated by this vibrant bedding.

Add zest to your child's room by combining music and unicorn decoration! There will undoubtedly be sizzle in front of the delicate face of this cute white unicorn with headphones on its head. There's bound to be music in the air with this enchanting music unicorn bed set!

Nurture your child's love of music now.

The toddler will dance for joy when he receives his beautiful bedding set. In fact, music is one of children's favourite forms of expression. Printed in HD on a soft and breathable cotton fabric, the unicorn doll is amazingly realistic. What's more, the little angel will sleep a heavy and deep sleep. So don't deprive him of the privilege of sleeping in this unicorn music bed set!

  • Material: microfibre
  • Comfort and softness guaranteed
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic material
  • Size : Bed 1 person or 2 persons
  • HD digital print
  • Premium finish

      You love unicorns?