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Unicorn Crossbody Bag


A beautiful unicorn-shaped handbag for children, teenagers and adults. Made of high quality leather, it is ideal for little girls!

A unicorn shaped handbag for children

This handbag is simply kawaii. Available in 4 colours, blue, silver, gold and pink, and with a glittery exterior, this handbag has all the elements of the magical unicorn universe. This unicorn handbag is ready to amaze your little girl. Durable and resistant leather materials.

In this unicorn handbag, your child can store all her important little things, such as her mobile phone, purse, keys, etc. This trendy handbag is ideal for a little girl or girl who wants to carry her things in a cute and kawaii bag. Perfect for going to school or going on holiday.

  • For children, little girls, teenagers and adults.
  • Size: L13*W7,5*H19cm
  • Material: Leather and polyester
  • Colour: Pink, Silver, Gold, Blue
  • Free delivery

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