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Unicorn Plush LED


A beautiful glowing unicorn plush for babies, children and adults! This multi-coloured plush turns on and off to light up your room!

A glowing kawaii unicorn plush with LED lights.

This glowing little unicorn plush has all the elements of the rainbow universe. An assertive kawaii style, multi-coloured shades, wings and a magical horn and above all, unrivalled softness. Made from cotton, this unicorn cuddly toy is soft and silky. Equipped with LED lights, the autonomy and durability of this cuddly toy is guaranteed!

A beautiful and affordable decorative gift for the bedroom of a baby, little girl or woman. A plush night light to illuminate your room at nightfall. Available in pink or white.

  • Material: cotton
  • 3AA batteries not included
  • Suitable for children from 3 years
  • Free delivery

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