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Unicorn Pencil Case School

It's back to school time! And back to school means new notebooks and.... new pencil case! What better way to do that than with our unicorn school pencil case?

This unicorn school pencil case will delight young and old alike. Everyone can store their materials in this classy case and find them again with joy. And while you look at it, your child can escape for a moment from this beautiful world and frolic with unicorns - perfect for stimulating the imagination!

Thanks to this pretty case, finding his pencil for dictation will be a breeze!

Measuring 19*10 cm, this unicorn case is the perfect size to store all your pens and treasures. Available in a range of colours to suit the most discerning, there's something for everyone! Your child will be jealous!

  • Premium Unicorn Pencil Case
  • Size: 19*10cm
  • Ideal for school
  • Material: PVC
  • Shipping in 24-48h
  • Free shipping

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