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Unicorn Skin Shoes

Size EU

If you're in the mood for unicorn shoes for kids, opt for this collection that is both stylish and casual.

Every child dreams of wearing their favourite animal on their feet, and they truly deserve it. Flexible, breathable, lightweight, comfortable and odourless, these unicorn print high-top sneakers are the perfect model to fill them with joy and happiness. Practical and easy to put on, these pretty rare pearls will make any outfit more special and attractive. For a more fun and casual look, opt for these stunning shoes adorned with beautiful stars and pink laces, just like the little ones love. This pair of sneakers is also suitable for mums who love kawaii styles.

  • For girls and women
  • Two colours available
  • Material : Canvas
  • Premium design
  • Heavy duty shoes
  • Colourful and kawaii look
  • Delivery offered
  • Ships in 24-48h

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